About Us

StreetBooks was founded by the writer Frank Egerton in 2010. The first publication was Frank's second novel Invisible, which was reviewed in the Times and was featured in the Oxford Times, Oxford Writer and other publications and media. See frankegerton.com.

In May 2013 StreetBooks published a first novel by Margaret Keeping about the poet Edward Thomas, entitled A Conscious Englishman.
StreetBooks fiction is published in paperback and as Kindle ebooks.
Paperbacks are distributed by Bertrams and Gardners and are listed on Nielsen BookData.
'My interest is in artisan publishing: which involves high quality, regional fiction, marketed locally in person and globally via the Internet. An analogy I like is that of the micro-brewery: a combination of tradition, passion and the opportunities offered by new technology.' Frank Egerton
Please note that StreetBooks is not accepting submissions at present.